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Live Stream Fitness Classes

Not sure about a remote coaching session? These remote coaching sessions blend the customization and face to face interaction of traditional in-person coaching with technology like Zoom, a video conferencing software, and email, text messaging and social media. The benefit of online coaching is that we can fit our sessions into our busy schedules and never miss an appointment because of sickness, vacation, bad weather or traffic, take all that travel time to and from my office and put it back into your life, but still get the support you need. Want to try it but need some help with the tech? 20 min technical readiness sessions are free!

ThriveFit Coaching  2020 Webinar Series

Thrivefit Coaching webinars are 60-90 minutes in length and feature training on a specialized nutrition, fitness or wellness topic. They are streamed live the 4th Friday of every month at 6pm EST on zoom, then archived for later viewing on demand. Attendees to the live sessions can participate in a Q&A during the last 20 mins of the webinar.

*These webinars will be presented in English and interpreted into American Sign Language.

ThriveFit Coaching Virtual Fitness Classes

Live Streaming Fitness Classes